Life Insurance Miami

Life Insurance Miami

Deciding which Life insurance policy to invest in is a big decision. Our experts can walk you through your options. Is the policy intended to cover final costs, or is it to continue a lifestyle in which your family has become accustomed?

Our specialists are here to attend your needs, while educating you on our products, and services.

While policies vary, there are two major types of Life insurance, each of these options has its own benefits:

  • Term Life is an affordable way to provide a predetermined amount of death benefits to beneficiaries, if the death occurs within the agreed-upon term (usually from one to 30 years)
  • Whole Life-also called Permanent Life- can include Universal Life, Variable Life and Variable Universal Life. It pays a death benefit whenever the time comes. Some policies also feature a savings account or investment benefit.

For us to provide anyone with the best rates we offer these discounts’:

  • Non-Smoker
  • Healthy Weight
  • Good Health
  • Early Age

While Life insurance policies may not feature discounts as you may understand them for other lines of insurance, one of the best ways to get a great rate on Life insurance is with a healthy lifestyle. You might be asking yourself, how much coverage do I really need? Let our trained professionals help you with that
Life insurance is an important investment in your family. We are here to help. To get started with a free quote, give us a call, or leave us your contact information, and we will get in touch with you, right away.


Health insurance is a growing market, with over 30 companies you could choose from, PINI insurance health agents are here to guide you and answer your questions. We strive to give our clients the lowest copayments, deductibles, and rates. With the affordable care act, giving us maximum tax credits, anybody can afford healthcare. It does not matter what how old you are, PINI Insurance sells Medicare packages as well. Combined with our dental + vision, you will be covered in any situation. Small businesses are always busy finding new ways to create profit, the last thing on an owner’s mind is finding health care coverage for their company. Our agents specialize in creating group plans, to make sure your hard workers are insured in any situation. Do not forget we off supplemental insurance as well.

Supplemental Insurances


These are insurance that will pay you out cash, incase you are in a situation where you are either in and accident or are sick. Some clients bundle these coverages up, and do not have to pay anything out of pocket, if they have an accident or illness.

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