Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance

You may have drivers who deliver, or you have trained, certified commercial truck drivers who drive tractor trailers and deliver cargo across the country. No two companies are equal in the use of vehicles, their specific risks and the amount and type of coverage needed.

How to get that help you need to choose the insurance that suits your business?

We recommend you contact one of our specialized and certified agents in the Pini Insurance network, will not only guide you to decide the best policy but will provide you with the best explanation regarding your coverages and options to be yourself chooses which of them fits your budget.

The truck industry is a highly regulated business. You can not operate without adequate insurance. Civil liability, cargo insurance, and physical damage are required by almost all carriers and brokers with insurance and workers compensation.

Risks of commercial trucks

Nearly 130,000 people are injured every year in truck accidents
70% of truck accidents only report damage to property
22% of truck accidents result in injuries
The average cost of a commercial truck accident is approximately $ 59,000.

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