Bean Automotive Group and West Kendall Community Business Partners team up to help family through pandemic

On Monday, January 11, 2021 Bean Automotive Group, the Car Clinic of Miami and the West Kendall Community Business Partners, donated a used 2008 Toyota Sienna to a family in need. The West Kendall Community Business Partners chose to do this giveaway with hopes to help a family in need during these difficult times.

A few years ago, Fernando Aguilar, owner of the Car Clinic and a West Kendall Community Business Partner, bought a used car and refurbished it for a family in need. However, because it was expensive to do on his own, Fernando stopped. Committed to bring this program back and serve the community, Bean Automotive Group reached out to Fernando and offered to donate a car. Together they presented the idea to the West Kendall Community Business Partners and they all agreed to contribute.

“We worked on this car for months to ensure it would look like new. We wanted to make sure the family who received this car would feel safe and comfortable,” said Joaquin Azar, Corporate Ambassador at Bean Automotive Group.

The Sienna was fully repainted, had front and rear brakes replaced, radiator replaced, new tires installed and was checked mechanically for any other issues. Most of the labor work came from volunteers at The Car Clinic of Miami and DJ Auto Collision.

Once the car was completed, it was ready for a new home. The West Kendall Community Business Partners received over 80 plus submissions from families who live in the West Kendall area and together they voted and selected a family they believed truly needed it the most. Judy Dominguez, a local member of the West Kendall community, was the lucky winner. 

Judy and her husband lost their business during the pandemic and were forced to turn in their lease when they could no longer afford it. With no credit or money to buy a new car, Judy applied with hopes that she would be lucky enough to win. Judy is a mother of two children, one with special needs who attends a different school. Since her husband works in Pompano, the need for a second transportation was crucial for this family.

“I’m very emotional because this came at the perfect time for our family. It’s been a rough year with the pandemic. I’m very grateful for everyone who worked at this, put in effort, time, money, energy into helping out a family and you know, we never thought we’d be here, but we are and we are grateful to every single person involved and we feel very blessed. Thank you,” said Judy.

Judy and her family received the keys to the Sienna at West Kendall Toyota. Aside from winning a Sienna, the family also received gifts provided by the partners such as oil changes, free swimming classes for the children, a Publix gift card, insurance, a hotel stay at the Holiday Inn, a gas card, a Starbucks gift card and much more.

The West Kendall Community Business Partners, is a group of 100+ businesses whose goal is to make West Kendall a strong, thriving healthy community while growing our businesses together.

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