Tools to keep in your insurance rates down

[vc_row][vc_column width=\”1/1\”][vc_column_text margin_top=\”0\” margin_bottom=\”0\”]In the time before cell phones, horror movies could be expected to start with a car breaking down in the middle of nowhere and miles from a phone. Nowadays we all have cell phones, but it may not be enough in an emergency. The time to prepare for a vehicle emergency is before you even step into the car. Be prepared for most events with some foresight.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text margin_top=\”0\” margin_bottom=\”0\”]Glovebox

After making sure you have your registration in the glove box, make sure you also have room for a few necessities. An old cell phone may not be something you think of, but should. All mobile phones can call 9-1-1 regardless if it is linked to a carrier service. Having an extra one handy can be vital. A hammer is also an excellent tool to have, even if you have power windows rather than manual ones. If your car veers into a canal, a hammer can easily shatter the windows. A small flashlight will also come in handy as would a pair of gloves to Fix-a-Flat or add mechanical fluids.


The trunk of your car can be an excellent place for an emergency kit as well as other items. Store a larger flashlight in the trunk that can illuminate the night if you need to change a tire. It is much better to have two flashlights, but given the choice, a more sizable one should always be stored in your vehicle. Jumper cables are a must if your car dies and a friendly motorist is willing to help. Miami auto insurance sees multiple pile-ups because of just one blown tire. Deflated tires on the expressways can be terrifying, pull over and apply the can of Fix-A-Flat you have one handy. While a spare does belong in your car from the first day you take ownership, having this item in your car can provide peace of mind.


A blanket can provide warmth or help in the case of bodily injury. Bottled water can help if stuck out in the heat or you have small children as passengers. Protein bars or crackers can always be gifts in a stranded state. In colder climes, a snow shovel and kitty litter can help break up snow piles if they are blocking your mobility. Some motorists have rope in their trunk as well as tape. Choose your arsenal depending on where you are traveling.


Paramedics and officers will need to reach loved ones in the event of a true emergency. Program your phone to have one contact as ICE (in case of emergency). This step is key if you suffer from a medical condition that could hinder first responder treatment. An additional hindrance can be locked phones so consider unlocking your phone while driving.


Being prepared can prevent a true emergency in most cases. Stock your glovebox with a hammer, old cell, gloves, and a small flashlight. Always keep your registration handy, but make room for these necessities. Your trunk should be the main focus of your preparation. The vitals are a large flashlight, jumper cables, and a can of Fix-A-Flat. Consider also storing water, non-perishables, and a blanket. Your phone can also be a tool by creating an ICE contact and unlocking while driving. Stay safe by planning before an emergency even happens.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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